The Queen Bee Brooch (Sterling Silver)



Lapel pin or Brooch.
Material: Sterling Silver
1.75 cm in diameter


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The Queen Bee Brooch or Lapel Pin is an artistic representation of the Queen Bee in Sterling Silver. This piece has been specifically designed and created as a collaboration between SMJ and independent filmmaker Rajani Mani who is currently making the documentary film ‘Colonies in Conflict’, a film exploring the reasons behind the demise of the bee population. 75% of the profit from each sale will go toward funding this film project.

Why we decided to call this piece ‘The Queen Bee’ : It is the Queen who creates a hive, she lives the longest and thus carries memories of the hive. This memory is imprinted on all the future offspring in the colony. The death of the Queen is the demise of the entire colony, her health and survival is paramount to the hive.

Hand-crafted bee. Hand-hammered disc. Lapel Pin Backs | Butterfly Clutch closure at the back (see pic)

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