Return Policy

At, we do not organize reverse pick-up of orders. Also, since our product is a high-value product, and prone to in-transit theft and pilferage, we do not allow customers to ship back items to us, even at their own cost and at their own risk. Thus, we have established a policy of “no returns, no exchange” via shipment of any items sold from the website All our items are non-returnable via shipment.

However, if you are a resident of Delhi-NCR or are passing through, you may choose to stop by at our establishment in person, and return/exchange items, with enough prior notice given to us via call or email.



Before you stop by at our establishment for a return or exchange, please contact either by calling on ‘09811704341’ or by e-mailing at ‘’ well in advance. If it is a specific exchange, then please request for it in advance before arriving so that the item you wish for can be made available.

Refund amount for all returned items will be credited to your card/bank account.